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Comprehensive Addiction Counseling

Counseling is an essential component for effective, comprehensive treatment for our patients who are receiving Suboxone for opioid dependence. At Premier Spine Pain & Rehabilitation, we provide counseling resources to help patients complete their treatment goals.
Education, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) solution focused counseling, and experiential approaches are utilized to promote a successful outcome to your treatment. Individualized treatment plans are designed to maximize your gains in therapy.
Dealing with Addiction

Fighting Physical Dependence

Physical dependence on an opiate agonist or partial agonist, such as Suboxone, may lead to addictive behavior and, therefore, will be closely monitored by your treatment team.

Your counseling professional will assist you to develop a counseling plan that may include relapse prevention and recovery from addiction to opiates.

Relapse prevention involves assessment of recurrent patterns leading to relapse, life history, relapse education, identifying progressive warning signs (triggers), and recovery plan.

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Your Specific Concerns

Counseling will also assist you with specific concerns that may be indirectly related to your Suboxone treatment plan, such as effective interpersonal communication skills, marital or family issues, workplace stress, conflict management, anger utilization (management) symptoms of depression or anxiety, trauma-related symptoms, and stress management.

Appointments & Homework

Your appointments will initially be scheduled twice a month which allows for necessary time to complete homework assignments and track progress.

Appointments may be scheduled once a week due to crisis events or movement toward relapse. Appointment frequency will be extended when sufficient progress is achieved.

Addiction counseling

Additional Resources

Additional resources outside of your treatment at Premier Spine, Pain, and Rehabilitation is advisable and may include group psychotherapy and or self-help group meetings.

Group psychotherapy is therapeutic peer interaction facilitated by a licensed professional. Self-help resources are strictly voluntary, anonymous, and peer facilitated, such as NA, AA, MA, etc. Your counselor will assist you to identify additional and appropriate resources.

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